We Live Together – Curious Girls

Well this week’s we live together scene is another impressive one and you need to see it without delay today. This week we get to check out a pair of hotties that get to have their first time at this sort of thing and you can bet it’s an amazing show. You see, they have been renting this apartment for a while and they are pretty god buddies. Sadly, they are still solo, even though they get to have an adventure every now and then. But today something changed, they got curious to see if they could do something about their needs with one another. And in today’s hot and sexy welivetoghether scene, you can bet that they found out that the answer was yes.

So anyway, check them out as they get to experiment on one another’s bodies again today in the bedroom on that comfy bed. As they get on top you get to watch them making quick work of each other’s clothes and making out with a passion too. When they get on top see them starting the session proper and you can see this lovely and gorgeous blonde as she gets to have her pussy licked and eaten out while she goes for a fingering session on her buddy’s pussy. See her finger fucking that babe fast and hard and watch them enjoying the superb time they had together this fine afternoon. We’ll bring you some more new content next week too!


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