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It’s time to see more we live together scenes once more and we bet you’ve been waiting patiently for this one. Take a seat and enjoy the glorious show with two more new and hot babes with jet black hair that’s long and flowing and you can see a show with them that gets superb naughty as they get in bed today. Well technically they were already in bed, but they just woke up. Anyway, in this scene you can see them having a fresh morning fuck to start the day and it’s even more amazing than the action they had last night we bet. Well let’s get those welivetogether cameras rolling and watch as they get to have more nasty fun!

Well the title sais it a bit actually. The babes got to meet at the bar and they went home together and much like the themeing, we bet they’ll be living like that from now on as well. Anyway, they got to fuck passionately throughout the whole night last night and they ended up sleeping in each other’s arms when it was all said and done. So let’s just get to see them freshen up this morning with some more pussy finger fucking and cute moaning as they lay in bed with one another. Check it out and enjoy it everyone. We’re sure that this pair will be coming back rather soon with even more new sessions of play together. See you next week with more! If you can’t wait until then, visit the http://lactalia.net/ site and see other slutty lesbians fucking!


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We Live Together Precious Pussy Gallery

Welcome back to another fresh week and another new we live together scene that you can check out. Well as you know fully well by now, we deal with providing some neat and sexy scenes to you guys every week and in every scene you can see some lovely and horny babes getting in some sweet lady on lady action with one another. This being the best place to check such content out. Anyway, let’s get to see another pair in action this week as we bring you a welivetogether scene that has two more lovely ladies getting kinky on a nice and big comfy couch and you can see them doing just about everything they want to one another. In a kinky way too.

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Today sit back and relax as you get to watch this pair of hotties getting kinky like we said. You get to see a busty blonde and her equally busty brunette friend in some girl on girl action and it starts with them pulling out a S&M spanking paddle from beneath the couch. See that naughty blonde getting disciplined first as she gets her cute round ass spanked and then she gets to do the same to the other cutie. Anyway, one thing lead to another and before you know, the two lovely babes get to each each other’s asses and pussies. Great gallery say the least and do make sure to check out the past scenes as well for even more glorious lesbian scenes! Also you might enter the http://www.brutalfacesitting.org/ site if you wanna see other kinky lesbians making out!


Pussy Peeping

Hi there guys and gals. Welcome to a brand new we live together scene yet again and another delicious and adorable pair of hotties that get to play kinky. Well this is a bit different but we’re sure as to how you will feel about more like it in the future. This scene is from the POV of one of the babes and you can see that whole naughty action go down just as the cutie would see it. Well for the most part of the scene as you can see the two from other angles as well. But anyway, let’s check out this superbly hot and sexy welivetogether scene to see two more babes engaging in some passionate lesbian sexy times today shall we?

We know you’re always eager to see that too. So take your time to see the blonde with green eyes and the POV babe undressing and putting their stunning bodies on display for you to check out this afternoon. See them touching each other all over and see those green eyes gaze into yours as she starts to play with her gf’s great and perky tits. And you can see her kissing her way down her belly as she quickly makes her way towards that wet and eager pussy that’s just waiting to be tasted. See that tongue and lips making the babe moan as she gets her pussy pleased today and enjoy the view of this one just like usual. See you all next week with another show! Until then, enter the hdwetting.org site and see some kinky lesbians peeing on each other!


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Pussy Care

Time to see another new we live together update that we’re sure you’re eager to check out too today. Well here we are with another new and hot pair that gets naughty for you and does everything that they can think of in front of the cameras and you. This pair of lesbian cuties know how to handle each other with care when they have their needs to be tended to and you can be sure that this scene shows them doing plenty of that. This scene has the blonde taking care of her buddies’ pussy as she was super duper horny and aching for someone to play kinky with her. So let’s not waste time and watch as the two welivetogether lesbian babes get to have some fun today for you!


The two hotties get to play in the living room and since they were wearing just their around the house outfits, you can be sure that they had an easy time getting undressed. See the blonde babe taking the brunette’s purple panties off and as she spreads her friend’s legs, see them starting to kiss passionately. Sure enough, the blonde babe is soon fingering that sweet pussy with her masterful hand and it’s just a delicious treat to experience too. Watch the brunette moan in pleasure while her blonde friend fucks her sweet pussy with that masterful hand and enjoy the whole scene. We’ll see you next week once more and be sure we’ll have new updates for you! Until then, enter the HD Wetting site and see other slutty lesbians making out and peeing!

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Playing with Sativa

Well this new we live together scene is quite a superb one again. The story for this one goes a bit like this. Sativa is an exchange student at the university and so, she got to rent a room in an apartment that has a cutie living there already. So the two were living together for quite some time now. The things is that both babes kind of fancy each other but they never got to say anything but throw each other some lustful looks every now and then. Well today fate would make this welivetogether encounter happen and the two lovely ladies getting to be naughty with each other. And let’s explore more in detail what happened and what they ended up doing!

Today Sativa was going to go grab her brush from her roommate’s bedroom as they share things usually. And she got to see her fully naked as she just got up. The babe got back in bed quickly and tried to cover up apologizing. Well Sativa had enough and sitting right beside her straight up told her how she felt about her and that she doesn’t mind seeing her beautiful; nude body. Well the babe admits she has the same feeling about her too. So after that, faster than you can say lesbians, the two were all naked and grinding each other’s pussies on one another as they were moaning. See them finger each other and more in this scene and have fun with them or enter the straponxxx.org site and see other kinky lesbians fucking for the video camera! Have fun!


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Grinding Ellena Gallery

Another fresh week and time to get to see a brand new and fresh we live together update. We know how eager you are to see these beauties in some action and let’s get to start off right away. Well in this one we have another special treat to show you and of course that comes in the form of these two babes. It’s more about their fetish than anything really and we bet you’ll adore it. You see, the two have a think for kinky and barely covering clothes and today they want to play on camera in this welivetogether scene while wearing some really revealing and sexy outfits. Well, let’s not delay and just get their scene going to see them playing.

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The outfits we mentioned? Well the babe on the left wears a small yellow bra of sorts that covers her perky tits, along with a pair of dark denim short shorts and she looks sizzling to say the least. Her body is looking even hotter though as she sports nothing but a sexy black bikini and it perfectly accentuates her perky round tits around with her sexy slim waist. And she was also sporting some knee high leather boots. Take your time to watch this dirty pair as they get wet and wild with one another and you can see lots of lesbian play in their scene together. See you all next week when we’ll have a brand new and hot gallery to show off to you all! Check out the www.ashleyfires.org site if you wanna see another kinky lady and her friends licking each other’s pussy!

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We Live Together – Peach Gobbler

Well hello and welcome to this week’s new we live together scene with some more lovely babes that get some kinky action going for you to see and to please one another. We have quite the new kinky pair that we get to show off this week and we can bet you’ll be impressed with the show they get to put on for you all without delay. Oh and we forgot to mention that this pair of babes seems to have a fetish for some sexy clothing and lingerie as well, which you’ll also be watching put on display today too. Anyway, let’s get these welivetogether cameras rolling as you just need to check out this glorious and sexy gallery featuring the pair of adorable babes.

Well remember that kinky clothing we mentioned? you get to see it on display as soon as this pair enters this scene and you get to feast your eyes on some sexy lingerie sets that they were wearing. And naturally, they make their way out of them quite fast as well as you can tell that the two were eager to get to play with one another. The only things they keep on is their thigh high gray and red socks. Anyway, watch the one in red giving her buddy in gray a fast and hard finger fucking session right in that dripping wet pussy and you can see her moan in pleasure throughout. Enjoy the view of them getting kinky and see you next time with more new updates! Until then, enter the femanic blog and see other kinky lesbians making out and peeing!


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Lick Me Leah

Today’s we live together scene is another one of those simply superb ones that you just need to see and you’ll see in a bit every reason why. There was no way that we’d skip on bringing you guys this scene to see as there’s another hot and glorious gallery to see with some more hot lesbian ladies. And in this one you get to see miss Leah, a expert at playing with other babes as she gets to have her fun with her fuck buddy for the night and you get to see it all. She picked up this chick at the bar by bragging with her sex skills and that she can please any babe as good as any guy can or even better and before you know it, the two went back to Leah’s apartment.


As the welivetogether cameras start to roll, our two babes enter the place and they seem to be okay with just going for it in the living room. Take your time to see the lovely babes as they get around to undress one another and Leah being very very eager to put her skills on display. See her pulling her new friend’s panties aside and see her starting to eat out that pussy and ass with a passion. And the final verdict? Well she wasn’t bragging for nothing as the babes she was playing with was moaning loudly in pleasure. Long story short, the two got to spend an unforgettable night today and they will more than likely do it again in the future too! IF you wanna see other hot chicks pleasing each other visit the femanic site!

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Hott Squad

Hi there once more everyone and welcome back to some all new and all fresh we live together galleries just like usual. Last week you got to see a juicy threesome with some horny cuties, and we know you loved it too. Well we’ll have some more scenes like that too in the future, but for now let’s just check out another pair of hot and horny babes getting wild and naughty for your viewing pleasure everyone. These two chicks rent an apartment together and they like to have their fun with one another every now and then when they can’t score a nice stud for a one night stand. So let’s check out this welivetogether scene with the dark haired babes to see them in action!

Once more the whole action scene takes place in the bedroom and it’s so nice to watch them in action there. Take your time to see the two cuties making their entry all nude right from the start and as one pushes the other on the bed, she just gets on top and starts to rub herself against her fuck buddy while she French kisses her for some nice and sensual foreplay. Well that cutie that took the reins, gets to slide her hand lower and lower to the other’s pussy and sure enough she reaches it and slides her fingers in without delay. Check her out finger fucking her buddy today as she makes her moan in pleasure and then see her getting pleased as well! Check out the windowgirl site if you wanna see other kinky lesbians making out! Have fun and see you soon!


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We Live Together – Good Licks

Hey there guys. We have a special we live together scene to show you this fine afternoon as it’s a bit different. So far you’ve gotten to check out and see some one on one action scenes with some simply superb and sexy ladies and it was always fun to check them out playing naughty wasn’t it? Well today we have a nice surprise for you. What’s different about this scene is what makes it so much more delicious as in this one you don’t get to see just two babes enjoying their time with one another. No. You get to see three ones getting to play in a kinky threesome for this welivetogether scene and we bet you’ll simply adore it when it gets rolling.

we-live-together-good-licksThe three chicks just came back from the beach side and they were all ready and prepared to have some fun. Tourns out they got super horny and in the mood to play and you’d be able to check out the whole scene with them for the afternoon. Sit back and watch as they get around to take off those sexy bikinis and see them revealing some glorious nude bodies for you all. And once that’s done check the babes eating each other’s pussies nice and slow as they make one another moan in pleasure for the rest of this whole sexy scene. We’ll be back again soon with some more all new and all fresh updates, so be sure to drop on by and check them out as well! Check out the http://mistressrhiannon.org/ site if you wanna see some kinky lesbians licking each other’s pussy!

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